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LITA, Society of Authors

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LITA, LITA, Society of Authors
Mozartova 9
811 02
+421 2 67 209 301
Chief Executive Name
Jana Vozárová
Chief Executive Title
Chief Executive Phone
+421 2 67 209 301
Chief Executive Email
Key representative
Lucia Miklasová
Deputy Director
History of the organisation
- 1949: regional office of the agency DILIA from Prague providing elementary services;
- 1954: Slovak Dramatic and Literary Agency DILIA; public cooperative, voluntary association of writers, translators, musicians specialising mainly in theatre. DILIA protects authors' rights in the territory of Slovakia;
- 1961: public cooperative becomes an organisation with modern structure;
- 1969: the name is changed to LITA, Slovak Literary Agency. LITA won international competence and became monopoly for transfer of rights from and to abroad. Its services were intended for publishers, theatres, television, radio and other users;
- 1993: the changes in the society influenced also the changes in LITA. LITA transformed to the civil association (of writers, script writers, directors, cartoonists, choreographers, translators) and changed the name to LITA, Society of Authors. Focus of its services moved from agency related matter to the administration of authors' rights;
- 1998: on the basis of the Act on the collective management of rights the Ministry of Culture granted to LITA the Licence for collective management of rights for the areas of literary, dramatic, music-dramatic, choreographic and audiovisual works;
- 2004: LITA extended its activities to collective management of rights of the authors of visual works and photography;
- 2005: LITA represents also the authors of architectonic works and the authors of works of applied arts.
Year of incorporation
1949, reprography since 1998
Year of first distribution
2000 (reprography)
Year of first collection
1998 (reprography)
Total number of Board Members
Total number of Author Representatives
Total number of Publisher Representatives
Remarks about the Board
The Board is composed of 9 regular members representing various categories of authors, in more detail: 3 representatives of authors of literary works, 3 representatives of authors of audio-visual works, 2 representatives of authors of works of visual arts and photography and 1 representative of authors of dramatic and theatrical works.
How are Board Members elected
By the General Assembly
Total Number of Member Associations
Total Publishers' Associations
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations
Total Rights holders represented
2 737
Remarks about the members
According to the Slovak Copyright Act, the right of the right holders for remuneration from reprography exception belongs to mandatory collectively managed rights. This means that levies from the reprography exception are distributed also among right holders not represented by LITA.
Staff total number
from 1 January to 31 December
Type of National legislation
Civil Law
Other Law
Authors’ rights, neighbouring rights and collective management of rights are governed by the Copyright Act No. 185/215 Coll.
Licensing system
Equipment levy and Operator's fee
Mandating Rights Holders
Authors of text and images
Public Lending Rights
Other areas of licensing
Public Lending Rights
Cable retransmission
Communication to the public
Making available
Public display
Dissemination by sale or other transfer of patrimonial rights
Outline of Distribution plan and methodology used
shares between rights holders groups agreed by right holders, individual distribution to the authors
Distribution methods
Statistical surveys
Objective availability
Possibility to be copied
% Author/Publisher Split
Text authors’ % share
Visual material authors’ % share
Administration costs as a percentage
Are deductions for cultural and/or social purposes made ?
Number of Bilateral agreements type A
Bilateral agreements type A with
Number of Bilateral agreements type B
Bilateral agreements type B with
ABDR, Brasilia;
Bild-Kunst, Germany;
CADRA, Argentina;
CAL, Australia;
CLL, New Zealand;
COPY-DAN, Denmark;
CopyRus, Russia;
DILIA, Czech Republic;
Fjölís, Island;
HARR, Hungary;
HKRRLS, Hongkong;
JAMCOPY, Jamaica;
KOPIPOL, Poland;
KOPJAMALT, Maltese Islands;
Literar-Mechana, Austria;
ProLitteris, Switzerland;
REPROBEL, Belgium;
REPRONIG, Nigeria;
VIETRRO, Vietnam;
VG WORT, Germany.
Remarks about financial data
These data contain: Total collection for the financial year 2018. Collection for reprography for the financial year 2018. Distribution of the reprographic collection for 2018 will be known in autumn 2019.
Total amount collected for all licensing
5 274 190.04
Total amount collected for reproduction licensing
737 007.65
Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing
737 007.65
Levies on equipment and other mediums
719 478.48
Total amount collected for PLR
300 019.75
Other agreements with RROs