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ONIX messages

The IFRRO Board designated ONIX for RROs as the preferred message format for IFRRO members and commissioned it specifically from EDiTEUR. So far two messages have been developed: ONIX for Repertoire (ONIX-RP)and ONIX for Distribution (ONIX-DS). They have the potential to significantly help RROs to simplify and streamline the transfer of distribution and repertoire data between each other and to rightsholders.

ONIX-RP is designed to allow the sharing of "repertoire" information between RROs, a repertoire being the definition of a set of resources to which a specific set of rights or permissions relate. In other words, ONIX-RP allows RROs to share with each other the mandates that they hold from rightsholders.

ONIX-DS is designed to allow the sharing of "distribution" information between RROs. Distribution is the process by which revenues are allocated by an RRO. A distribution message therefore typically accompanies a payment, and informs the recipient of the elements that make up the payment. Essentially, ONIX-DS is a specialised "sales reporting message", for reporting on transactions in delegated rights.