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IFRRO, as part of a coalition of 37 organisations, rejects the unremunerated online distribution of printed books by the Internet Archive, known as Controlled Digital Lending

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 15:56

In an Appeal to readers and librarians from the victims of Controlled Digital Lending (CDL), 37 organisations have jointly rejected the scanning and worldwide online distribution of printed books by the Internet Archive and U.S. and Canadian libraries. cdl-appeal-logos.jpgThese actions have been carried out without permission from, or any payment to, authors or publishers. The appeal opposes the so-called ‘Controlled Digital Lending’ (CDL) as a flagrant violation of copyright and authors’ rights as it also undermines income for creators. 

The organisations endorsing the Appeal represent working writers, translators, photographers, and graphic artists; unions, organizations, and federations representing the creators of works included in published books; book publishers; and reproduction rights and public lending rights organizations. 

The signatories of the appeal are calling for "(...) a dialogue among writers, authors, publishers, and librarians on how to enable and create the digital libraries we all want, in ways that fully respect authors’ rights”.